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Malpensa Airport (MXP)
Coronavirus Measures
COVID-19 Safety Measures

Last updated on: 26 May 2021

COVID-19 Measures at Milan Malpensa Airport

As you probably know, airports around the world have to adapt to the threat of COVID-19, and Milan Malpensa is no exception. The airport is open for business, but if you are planning to arrive there knowing local regulations about Covid-related issues will make life much easier. With that in mind, we've put together a quick guide to COVID-19 safety measures at Milan Malpensa Airport, featuring everything travellers need to know.

What airport measures are currently in place for travellers upon arrival?

Milan Malpensa would normally include two arrival terminals, but Terminal 2 is currently closed during the Covid pandemic. Terminal 1 has been reorganized to ensure that passengers travel in a single direction, nasal swab testing has been added on a voluntary basis, but temperature scanning is mandatory for all arrivals. All travellers must wear face masks when inside the terminal at Malpensa and keep the usual safety distance of at least one meter with each other, while hand sanitisers are available throughout the site. So it should be possible to clean your hands after arrival.

Do immigration or security checkpoints have new procedures?

Yes, they do, but they aren't too burdensome. All arrivals will be scanned for fever, but testing for COVID-19 is not necessary for arrivals from most countries (including the UK). Otherwise, immigration functions as normal with passport control and baggage checks, as well as the usual queues.

Are there any screening or test facilities?

Yes, Malpensa Airport offers quick antigen tests on floor 0 near the door number 4, everyday between 4:00 am and 4:00 pm. These tests cost 50 euros, and must be booked in advance. You can find more information about booking an antigen test at Mapensa Airport on their official website.

What social distancing and face covering measures are in place?

Floor signs provide a visual reference point to ensure that all passengers are socially distanced inside the terminal, while travellers are also directed to move in a single direction, which should help to keep individuals further apart. However, aside from that, there are no special social distancing regulations. However, as noted earlier, all visitors must wear a face mask at all times until they leave the Malpensa Airport site. Masks (and gloves) can also be purchased from on-site vending machines if you happen to run short.

Does Milan Malpensa have a clinic?

The clinic at Malpensa Airport is located in Terminal 2, so is currently inaccessible. However, there is a pharmacy and a First Aid center in Terminal 1, as well as vending machines where travellers can purchase essentials like face masks or gloves.

How often is the airport cleaned?

According to the airport's own Covid update, Milan Malpensa is cleaned several times a day and this includes disinfection. Additionally, the safety team uses hydrogen peroxide atomizers at night to carry out deep cleaning, and this should eradicate all traces of the virus.

Are shops and other facilities open during the Covid crisis?

Restaurants and shops at Terminal 1 remain open, although on a more limited basis than would normally be the case. So you can still shop for Armani clothing, Hermes scents or a Rolex watch, and duty free purchases are possible. Cafes, bars and sit-down restaurants are also open with social distancing measures in place.

Does Milan Malpensa have any special guidelines or other information that travellers should be aware of?

The Italian foreign ministry maintains a list of Covid-safe countries. However, if the country travellers arrive from isn't on the list, they must not leave the airport area. Other than that, passengers should be aware that transit buses may be delayed due to the need to respect a safe maximum capacity. However, transport links should function into Milan as normal.

Are there any links to the government website for travellers?

Prior to departure, travellers can find out more about Italy's general regulations and policies regarding COVID-19. Breaching local laws could result in fines and it's always best to stay as safe as possible from infection in any case. So before you fly to Milan Malpensa through your booking with BudgetAir, it's worth reading the regulations on travel, testing, and distancing. You shouldn't encounter too many problems when you fly, but preparing properly can make life much less stressful.

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