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The most visited island in Indonesia is Bali, for thrill seekers and honeymooners alike, for its pounding surf and exquisite beaches. So it makes sense that flights to Denpasar which is the island’s capital are plentiful - great news if you are debating on whether to catch one of the flights to Denpasar in the near future.

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The airy and modern space you enter into after your flights to Denpasar is Ngurah Rai Airport down in the south of the island. It is also known as Denpasar International Airport. All international and domestic flights to Denpasar land here.

The terminals are only a few hundred metres apart and once you have got off your flights Denpasar is about 10 miles to the north. Booking your flights to Denpasar through BudgetAir guarantee low prices and competitive deals that you will be hard pushed to find anywhere else. So get cracking on securing flights Denpasar awaits you!

What to do when you get there

The rise of Bali as a great holiday destination has a lot to do with Denpasar and its rapid growth. It now vies with other Indonesian cities for wealth, stature and prominence. Denpasar means ‘next to the market’ and the main one, called Pasar Badung, is the oldest and biggest on the island, selling consumables as well as handicrafts and clothes.

One of the major attractions in the capital is the Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali, displaying Balinese antiquities, prehistoric artefacts, and many types of textiles. If you are lucky you might be there on one of the days when staff play traditional gamelan music.

Jagatnatha Temple is rich in symbolism and decoration. The shrine, made of white coral, has an empty throne to indicate heaven, with a turtle and two serpents entwined to symbolise the founding of the world. Because the temple is used by local people worshipping there, it can be closed on occasion so check before visiting.

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Flying to Denpasar Bali (Indonesia)

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