Discover Amsterdam (AMS)

Amsterdam in short

KLM is the national airline for the Netherlands, but the flights Amsterdam enjoys are plentiful not only from other major airlines but also from the no-frills companies as well. There are so many flights Amsterdam accommodates that you will be spoilt for choice.

Amsterdam has many of the advantages of being a capital city without too many of the disadvantages – it is quite small with a great transport system so it is easy to get around and, due to the plethora of canals, many parts of the city are relatively peaceful and congestion-free.

Amsterdam has plenty to offer

Who could not be moved by a visit to Anne Frank’s house, where the young Jewish girl hid during the German occupation of World War II?

Marvel at the art on display in the Rijksmuseum which holds some of the finest works by Rembrandt as well as many other famous Dutch painters. If you prefer your art more modern, try the Van Gogh Museum where you will find the world’s largest collection of paintings by the troubled artist.

Once you have viewed these amazing works, you can be assured that once you board one of the flights Amsterdam has to go home, you will be taking back with you so many great memories and maybe some postcards too.

Join the festivities

If you happen to use one of your flights Amsterdam to come at the end of April, you will witness the most popular day in the Dutch calendar. April 27 is Koningsdag, the King’s Birthday, where the nation seems to hold street parties all over in honour of King Willem Alexander. It is worth planning your trip around so make sure you travel to Amsterdam near that date.

Other festivities to enjoy once you get off one of the flights Amsterdam has are the Flower Parade on the first weekend in September, though do not expect to see any tulips as they are out of season. Museum Night is held on the first Saturday in November when about 40 museums are open from 7pm to 2am with various events as well. New Year celebrations in Amsterdam are possibly the wildest in Europe – but watch out for rogue fireworks as the Dutch seem to love to throw lit ones around.

If you like a little tipple, the Heineken Experience is the trip for you. No longer a working brewery, there is however an excellent museum and you might just get to sample a taste of the amber nectar if you are lucky.

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Flying to Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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