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Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport (SGN)
Coronavirus Measures

Last updated on: June 2, 2021

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport

It might be difficult to visit Vietnam in the near future, as authorities have recently announced to suspend all inbounf flights to Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat International Airport, in response to the surge of Covid-19 cases in the country. But it doesn't mean you can't plan to go there later, so here's everything you need to know about the COVID-19 safety measures at Tan Son Nhat International Airport when it operates under Covid-19 circumstances.

What airport measures are currently in place for travellers?

Tan San Nhat has introduced a range of measures to protect customers, including enforced social distancing and face coverings, the addition of new plastic barriers between visitors and staff, mandatory health checks upon arrival for all travellers, and enhanced cleaning procedures every day of the week. The end result of these measures should be a facility that's safe to use whenever your flight touches down.

Do immigration or security checkpoints at Tan San Nhat have any new procedures?

Yes. During the COVID-19 epidemic, all arrivals at Tan San Nhat are required to undergo temperature checks at specially installed booths. At the same time, all passengers need to wash their hands with sanitizer, ensuring that they are safe to proceed through passport control. After that, everything should proceed as normal - with social distancing in place at all times.

Are there any screening or test facilities in place at Tan San Nhat Airport?

As noted earlier, there are new temperature check facilities that all customers must use. However, there are no testing centers inside the airport site. Instead, domestic and international passengers are advised to secure a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, or to make arrangements to be tested elsewhere in the Ho Chi Minh City area.

What are the rules on face coverings and social distancing at Tan San Nhat Airport?

All passengers arriving or departing from Tan San Nhat International Airport must wear face coverings at all times. Social distancing measures have also been instituted, and floor markings have been added to busy spaces to ensure that visitors know where to stand. Hand sanitizer has also been added throughout the airport, and is available free of charge for passengers.

Is there a clinic at Tan San Nhat International Airport?

No, there is no clinic for passengers transiting through Tan San Nhat Airport. If you need in depth medical assistance, it's best to contact clinics close to the airport site. However, there are first aid centers in both terminals, where assistance can be provided for minor health complaints. You will find them at the D2 Entrance in the domestic terminal and in Arrivals Hall A2 in the international terminal.

How often is Tan San Nhat Airport being cleaned during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As with most international airports, Tan San Nhat is being cleaned more intensively than ever. The airport has partnered with Ho Chi Minh City's International Medical Quarantine center to come up with rigorous cleaning protocols, and the daily schedule covers everything from check in desks and stair rails to touch screen terminals.

Are the shops and restaurants at Tan San Nhat Airport open as usual?

No, because of the surges of cases of Covid-19, most shops and dining venues are no longer operating at Tan San Nhat Airport.

Are there any other special guidelines or information that travellers should be aware of?

Generally speaking, the measures to combat COVID-19 at Tan Son Nhat will be familiar to international travellers and there is nothing to worry about. There are no requirements to take PCR tests, and if you pass temperature checks you can proceed to baggage reclaim and onward transportation as normal.

Are there any links to government websites for travellers to consult?

Whenever you fly in the COVID-19 era, it makes sense to research local policies and regulations. The basic measures taken by Tan Son Nhat Airport are outlined here, and it's a good idea to read them through before flying into Ho Chi Minh City with BudgetAir.com.au. It's also a good idea to check the government's English language news portal for COVID-19 updates, as the situation can change before you travel.

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