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Cheap Flights To Coimbatore

Flanked by the Majestic Western Ghats and sprawled along the banks of the Noyyal River, Coimbatore is a diverse and intriguing region, steeped in history and culture. Governed by the Cheras between the first and fourth century, the area's significant trade route was served by the Palakkad Gap; a pass running from the city to Kerala and accessed through the Western Ghats. The region is also renowned for its manufacturing base and is often referred to as the 'Manchester of the South India' due to its strong manufacturing base and cotton industry. Today, the region is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies of India and is hailed for its contribution to education, commerce, manufacturing and culture.

Coimbatore enjoys a tropical wet and dry climate, nonetheless, the high temperatures are tempered by the cool breeze from the Western Ghats ensuring a pleasant climate in comparison to the rest of India. The region is also renowned for its array of festivals which are accompanied with much pomp and ceremony. The Natyanjali Festival occurs during February and March and the event is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The festival spans five days in total and festival goers are treated to performances of music and dance at the Perur Patteeswara Swamy Temple from some of the countries famed artists.

Things To Do

Whatever your interests, Coimbatore boasts an array of interesting attractions and activities. From visiting the many historic sites to basking on one of the many impressive beaches. The city offers something for everyone.

  • Get down to the beach

A short distance from Coimbatore, Kochi Beach boasts fine golden sands and is nestled within a pretty, picturesque harbour. The waters are safe for swimming and the beach is surrounded by cafes and restaurants.

  • Get spiritual

The city is famed for its plethora of temples, however, Marudhamalai Hill Temple, Perur Siva Temple and Lord Ganesha Temple, the site of the largest statue of Lord Ganesha in India, are the most famous.

  • Test drive the nightlife

Head to Gandhi Puram, Avinashi Road or Ram Nagar for the vibrant and energetic nightlife in the city. My Bar is open until 4 a.m. and is popular with both the locals and visitors alike.

Calendar Of Events

The myriad of festivals and events in the area reflect Coimbatore's diverse and vibrant culture. Many of the festivals are celebrated with parades, traditional costume and live music.

  • The Natyanjali Festival: Hosted in February or March, the Natyanjali Festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva and spans five days. Festival goers are treated to live performances from famous Indian artists at the Perur Patteeswara Swamy Temple.

  • The Koniamman Car Festival: The Koniamman Car Festival is so named as festival goers push a car from the Koniamman Temple through the streets until they reach Raja Street. Devotees wear traditional costume and the event occurs in March.

  • Aadiperuku: The Aadiperuku Festival is hosted in August and devotees offer thanks and prayers for their supply of water. The venue for this colourful event is the Koniamman Temple and the ritual is followed by a firework display.

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