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Cheap Flights to Tiruchirapally

Also known as Tiruchi or Trichy, Tiruchirapally in India's Tamil Nadu is a predominately Hindu city. Its many temples are attractive to sightseers as well as devotees. Dominating the city from its rocky perch, the Rock Fort Temple is the most immediately obvious of the temples. With origins dating back to the fifth century, this complex later assumed huge importance in the Carnatic wars, when the British were attempting to take over southern India.

The city's temples feature prominently in the many colourful festivals celebrated in the area. The Float Festival is one of the most unusual although visitors keen on sampling some of south India's distinctive cuisine might also appreciate the Suvai Food Festival.

Things to do

Tiruchirapally has plenty of sightseeing, shopping and eating options. Just outside the city, on the Cauvery river, the Kallanai Dam offers a peaceful place to relax as well as many photo opportunities

  • Climb the Rock
    400 stone steps take worshippers and visitors to the top of the Rock Fort Temple complex although not without first passing the temple elephant in the precinct at the bottom. The largest temple in the complex is the gold-topped Thayumanaswamy Temple, which is closed to non-Hindus. There is also Ganesh's Uchipillaiyar Temple, several small cave temples and, at the top, outstanding views across the city.

  • Explore one of India's largest temples
    Covering over 156 acres, the Srirangam Temple complex is vast. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this exuberantly coloured complex occupies an islet between two dried-up tributaries of the Coleroon and Cauvery rivers. As well as the temples themselves, there are elaborately carved statues, flower sellers and jewellery makers. Buy roof tickets for the best views.

  • Go shopping
    Known for gems and textiles, Tiruchirapally is an excellent place for shops. Anyone in search of a sari, in particular, might like to visit Saratha. Located near to the Rock Fort temple complex, it is one of the city's oldest stores and specialises in silk saris.

Calendar of Events

As with much of India, many of the Tiruchirapally's festivals and events are focussed around religion. However, the local cuisine also plays a starring role.

  • Float Festival. The night of the full moon during the Tamil month known as "Thai" sees Tiruchirapally's Hindus celebrating the Float festival. All the major temples participate, floating the idols of their deities in the large water tanks that feature within their complexes. The idols are set afloat on rafts decorated with lamps and piles of flowers.

  • Vaikuntha Ekathasi Festival. Hindus believe that once a year the gate to Vishnu's heavenly abode opens and stays open. This celebration of the event held in December or January during the Dhanurmasa period of the Hindu calendar is characterised by fasting, meditation and prayers. In the Srirangam temple, jewels cover Lord Vishnu's primary deity, which is then brought to the temple's hall of a thousand pillars.

  • Suvai Food Festival. Organised by the Trichy Travel Federation, this festival embraces the meaning of the word "suvai" ("to taste all the flavours") and celebrates the cuisine of south India in general and Tiruchirapally in particular. The dates of the festival vary from year to year but it offers a superb opportunity to try many of the city's most popular dishes, including the Mayil Traffic Jam Tiffin Centre's parrota and the ghee roast dosai served at Parthasarathy Vilas.

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