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On the edge of the Thar desert, Jodhpur is well known for its sunny climate and history that dates back to 1459 A.D.. It was built as the capital of Marwar, replacing the old capital Mandore, the ruins of which you can still see to this day by Mandore Gardens. One of the most prominent features of the city is Mehrangarh: a towering fort. It's an example of architectural magnificence and around its base wind the 16th-century walls of the old city. Jodhpur is often called The Blue City and its innermost parts contain twisty, windy medieval streets, which glitter with decorations and exude the scent of incense.

Outside of the city's main tourist area lie wonderful parks and temples and visitors will get a sense of the city's culture and traditions when walking around. A thriving handicrafts scene helps to make this historic place well worth visiting and many shops sell souvenirs, local artefacts and clothing. Fascinating annual festivals that are well worth experiencing include Marwar Festival in September to October, The International Desert Kite Festival in January and The RIFF music festival in October.

Things To Do

From historic sites to magnificent temples and luscious outdoor spaces, Jodhpur is an enchanting city that continues to draw visitors and tourists year after year.

  • Historic sites
    Dominating the city and on top of a hill, Mehrangarh Fort dates back to 1458 and has superb views as well as truly impressive ramparts. The Step Well is another historic must-see. A café here offers a lovely view of the well and you can actually descend to sit beside it.

  • Breathtaking parks
    Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park offers superb views over the city while Balsamand Lake and Garden boasts wonderful evening sunsets. Mandore Gardens is a serene and quiet place on the outskirts that's perfect for a little rest and relaxation.

  • Temples
    Sachiya Mata Temple is around 65 kilometres from Jodhpur but well worth a day trip with beautiful art within the temple walls. Also, some distance away lies Jain Mahavira Temple with mesmerising architecture. Chamunda Mata Temple is perched on the same hilltop as Mehrangarh fort and offers a birds-eye view on all sides.

Calendar Of Events

Jodhpur's festivals express the rich culture and traditions of the region, with a number of prominent events that decorate and enliven the streets and attract people from all over.

  • Marwar Festival. The Marwar festival is devoted to music and dance and takes place in the city in September and October. Spirited folk dancers perform and entertain international audiences with tales of local folklore.

  • The International Desert Kite Festival. This mid-January festival attracts some of India's best kite flyers, who, of course, show off their kite flying skills. There's a great air of excitement around this colourful event.

  • The Jodhpur RIFF. This festival unites over 250 local and international musicians and artists who celebrate music, creating new compositions and playing traditional music through innovative collaborations. It takes place in October and lasts five days.

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