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South Korea

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The peninsula of South Korea can be covered north to south in just an hour by plane, making it a great compact country where many of its hidden delights can be seen in an average two week holiday. This is good news for tourists and also for the locals of South Korea as they love having visitors to their complex and fascinating country.

South Korea is a nation that breathes in ancient wisdoms of Confucius and his doctrine and yet the younger generation are mad keen on the latest computer games or any new technology. South Korea has leapt forward into the 21st century but always with a look back at its chequered history.

When to visit South Korea

The beauty of South Korea is it is a country where each of its four distinct seasons have their own charms and bonuses. Winter is bitter but makes dipping into one of the natural hot springs that more enjoyable. It is also a great time for skiers and snowboarders. Spring in South Korea brings the cherry blossom into bloom as well as many other beautiful flowering trees and plants.

Summer in South Korea can be stifling in the cities so most people head for the many beaches, islands or mountains. As usual, prices during this time can double for accommodation. Autumn in South Korea is another blaze of colour along with blue skies and warm temperatures.

The highlights of South Korea

From the two rugged peaks of the wonderfully named Horse Ears Mountain (Maisan) and 500 year old camellia forests to the honeymoon island of Jejudo and the sounds of samul-nori, a traditional drum and gong dance, South Korea is a country with a lot to offer the visitor.

The natural wonders of South Korea range from extinct volcanic craters, massive limestone caves and the world’s biggest lava tube at Manjanggul where you can walk part way along the 13km stretch of black winding tunnels to a lava pillar that stands seven metres tall. Take a jacket and a torch as it is chilly down there with only dim lighting.

Then of course there are the many Buddhist temples of South Korea to visit and even stay the night in. One of the most popular is Jikjisa on the eastern side of South Korea. Surrounded by lush forest and ancient stone monuments, it is a place where you can reflect on the wonder of nature and past cultures.

Further down in the south of South Korea is the bustling port town of Busan. You might get stared at while walking down the street but look beyond that, and over a few drinks with locals you will see their level of generosity and kindness shines through.

If you would like to travel and explore South Korea, now is as good a time as any to go. BudgetAir can get you great deals on flights to South Korea, a place full of natural wonders and generous people. Check out BudgetAir’s deals and book your ultimate holiday destination.

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