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Anyone yearning for flights to Nepal is probably yearning for the breathtaking scenery of the mountains. This tiny country, sandwiched between India and Tibet, boasts the most stunning part of the Himalayas, so for all you trekkers out there, get yourselves some cheap flights to Nepal with BudgetAir, just do not forget to pack some sturdy walking boots.

About Nepal

The country might have eight of the ten highest peaks in the world, including Mt Everest, but that is not the only reason to catch flights to Nepal. There are plenty of other things to do from visiting crumbling Hindu temples to washing down an elephant in the Rapti River. There is jungle as well as mountains, religious practices as diverse as the inhabitants, and wonderfully preserved medieval cities.

Must see spots in Nepal

Fly to Nepal and set your sights higher than the base camp at Mt Everest, as it were, by aiming to explore the many other wondrous parts to this nation. Take time to visit Bhaktapur, a town built out of carved wood and pink brick, or Boudha, a vibrant Tibetan Buddhist community. The ostentatious beauty of Janaki Mandir, a temple in Janakpur, is well worth visiting either early morning or dusk when worshippers gather to murmur haunting hymns. The national parks at Chitwan and Bardia provide ample chances for spotting wildlife such as rhinos, deer, leopards and even tigers. You can combine a safari with rafting down the rivers as well.

Lumbini is the town where Buddha was born 2,500 years ago, and the area also contains archaeological finds dating back 3,000 years, making it the most important historical site in Nepal. In the centre of the Sacred Garden, the place it is believed Buddha was born, is the Maya Devi Mandir, containing brickwork from 300 BC, making it the oldest known structure in the country.

Cheap flights to Nepal with BudgetAir Australia

If you are determined to trek, the best time to buy flights to Nepal is in the autumn, the peak climbing season. Trails will be busy, especially the main Everest one, but meeting fellow travellers who have also bought flights Nepal bound is half the fun. Then you can spread the word about how you bagged your cheap flights to Nepal through BudgetAir.

Kathmandu rooftops, Nepal

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