Practical information

New York, the city that never sleeps. Check out the overview below before taking off to NYC!

  • Temperature: The average temperature is 25˚C during the summer and approximately 5˚C during the winter.
  • Currency: The US Dollar (USD).
  • Language: The official language is English.
  • Required travel documents: The rules and regulations of travel documents and visa applications change frequently. There can also be different requirements. On the website of the visa service the required and current information is listed.
  • Health: Information about the (mandatory) vaccinations change constantly. For current information please check your local health services online or consult your GP surgery.

Warm - Cold

New York is very hot in the summer (June - September) and very cold in the winter (December - February). Keep this in mind when booking your ticket, but especially when packing your suitcase for the Northern Hemisphere.

Chargers and converters

Outlets are made for flat two-prong plugs. Make sure you pack a plug convertor in your suitcase to use your electronic devices without any hassle.

Passport - check

Americans prefer to see your passport everywhere as an official form of identification because it’s an internationally recognised document. So don't forget to take it with you, especially when you go to a museum or want to drink a beer.

Tipping in New York

Tipping is an important custom in the service industry in New York. As there is no official minimum wage, a tip will often subsidise the employee’s salary. To calculate the tip you need to add on 20% of the total bill. It’s always important to carry some $1 or $5 Dollar bills with you because the same applies to bell boys, coat checkers and bathroom attendants. ‘Service charge’ or ‘gratuity’ is often already added onto the total bill for parties of 5-6 people or more. The service charge rate is usually around 18%.

Don't forget to check the Dollar rate!

$1 is approximately A$1.43 (updated in June 2019). Banknotes of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 are common. Notes of $100 are not eagerly accepted. Most New Yorkers use a credit card, so it’s best to always bring one with you, which you will need when checking into your hotel. Make sure to inform your bank before you travel to ensure there will be no issues with your card outside of Australia.


Wi-Fi is everywhere in New York, both in restaurants, cafes and free public hotspots, even in the subway stations. Don’t purchase an expensive bundle before you travel, but enjoy the free Wi-Fi in the Starbucks with a cup of coffee. In this New York app you will find an overview of the Wi-FI hotspots that you can use for free.

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