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Fairytale castles, myths and legends from the Viking era, and home to one of the world’s best loved children’s author, the country of Denmark is a land waiting to be discovered. From a rural life on the many islands to the bright lights of Copenhagen, Denmark is worth a visit any time of year. Take a chance to grab a flight there and see for yourself.

The mainland of Denmark, just attached to Germany and the European continent with a border only a few hundred miles across, is the peninsula of Jutland jutting out into the North Sea like a finger pointing upwards. Even though Denmark is one of the four Scandinavian countries, it has strong links with its neighbour, Germany.

Island beauty of Denmark

With 7,000km of coastline and over 400 islands, there are not many places in Denmark that are far from the sea. About 90 of the islands of Denmark are inhabited, the largest one being Zealand where Copenhagen is situated, nearer to Sweden than the rest of Denmark.

Some of the larger islands in Denmark are connected by bridges that seemed to defy physics. These engineering feats can stretch for 18km like the Great Belt Bridge which links Zealand to Funen. This is very important in uniting Denmark both socially and politically.

The master of fairytales

It would not be fair to talk about Denmark and not mention its most famous son – Hans Christian Andersen. Born in 1805 in Odense on the island of Funen, Hans Christian Andersen was inspired by the dark forests, stupendous castles and the foaming sea to create such classics as The Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling.

His influence is everywhere in the town not surprisingly, and you can learn more about the man behind the fairytales by visiting his house, which had become a museum as well as Fyrtojet, a newer museum dedicated more to children.

Other attractions in Denmark

One of the most stunning castles in Denmark is Egeskov Castle, set in the middle of a lake with gorgeous turrets and a pinkish glow. Each room is furnished to reflect eras of the castle’s 450 year old history plus there is a motor museum, children’s playground and maze.

On Zealand is Elsinore, made famous as being the setting for Hamlet, Shakespeare’s play about his Prince of Denmark. Kronberg Castle is where the main action of the play takes place and it still hosts an open air performance every summer.

For a typical Danish fishing port, take a look at Hornbaek near Elsinore on the northern coast. The beaches here stretch for miles and it is the starting point in June for the yearly yacht regatta around the island.

If Denmark strikes you as a great place to holiday, you will not be disappointed. There are so many places to explore in Denmark that it is best to catch a cheap flight with BudgetAir and spend a couple of weeks meandering through the countryside or living it up in the capital.

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