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Many great things can be said of Belarus, but none that would completely portray this republic’s majestic attributes faithfully. This is the landlocked Lakeland of Eastern Europe, a place of meandering rivers and expansive, lush greenery, making it the ideal destination for a family vacation second to none. When a short getaway is just what the doctor ordered, this country is poised to offer you the tranquillity and the scenery that will enrich your understanding of this part of the world, with humbling scenes of village lifestyle and boundless natural diversity. For cheap flights to this unblemished lake country of the East, start your search here, wherever in the world you may wish to travel from.

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Also known as White Russia, the country is awash with lakes and rivers at the banks of which lie mighty castles and ancestral palaces bathing in pine fragrances. UNESCO World Heritage Sites abound here as global authorities seek to protect these charming, unspoilt architectural endowments, among which the Nesvizh Palace and the Castle of Mir. The Struve Geodetic Arc runs across the country, marking the longest monument on the planet and the first point of reference for measuring the dimensions of the globe.

The Polessye Radiation Ecological Reserve and the Berezina biosphere reserve are home to around 370 known wildlife species, some of which are unique to the woods and swamps of White Russia, deemed ‘the lungs’ of Europe. When you’ve had your fill of landscapes and wildlife, stop by a village inn to partake of the delicious local cuisine, and make sure to ask for traditional draniki, polendvitsa, machanka, oladushki and krupenya mushroom soup. Wash it all down with mulled wine, holodnik, kvass, krupnik or krambambulya, and make a note to visit this spectacular nook again soon, after a good night’s rest at any of the countless hospitable accommodations, including luxurious hotels, modern rest houses and countryside recreation centres.

Belarus Beckons

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