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Locals have dubbed it ‘the land that sings’, so join in the song by grabbing some cheap flights to Latvia via the services of BudgetAir and seeing for yourself. Latvians sang for their freedom from the USSR in what was called the Singing Revolution, and now the annual Song and Dance Festival echoes that joy. So getting flights to Latvia is a must.

About Latvia

For a country that has only been independent since 1991, it has come a long way both in areas of economic growth and coming to terms with a burgeoning cosmopolitan culture, mainly in the cities. For people on flights to Latvia they will find an extensive coast to enjoy of more than 300 miles, half of which is the Gulf of Riga, a wide inlet of the Baltic Sea.

Must see spots in Latvia

One of the country’s most beautiful cities is Ventspils, full of winding streets, interesting museums, and lovely beaches. About 50 miles from the capital, Riga, is Rundale Palace, an over-the-top, sprawling construction with beautifully maintained gardens.

In Eastern Latvia is Gauja National Park with many well trodden hiking trails and a smattering of various castles, alongside thrill-seeking activities such as the bobsled or bungee jumping.

Before embarking on your homeward flights Latvia has a surprise in store – an end of the earth feel at Cape Kolka. With its haunting landscape, desolate position, and isolated villages, the place feels like it has been locked away for centuries. Here the Baltic Sea meets the Gulf of Riga, a dramatic vista made all the more poignant by a monument dedicated to those who have been lost at sea here.

Cheap flights to Latvia with BudgetAir

The cold winters can put off travellers but it is a great time to buy cheap flights to Latvia through BudgetAir because of the lack of crowds and the chance to experience the stark landscape. The short summer that consists of really long days is the more popular time to catch flights Latvia bound so it is up to you what you choose. Whichever you decide, make sure you book your flights to Latvia with BudgetAir for minimum fuss and great prices.

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