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Once a shadowy figure on the outskirts of Europe, Ukraine has sprung into the light in recent years and wants everyone to know about it so catch some flights to Ukraine soon before this land changes too much. The name translates as ‘the land on the edge’ and there is a definite feel of both the foreign and familiar, the surprising and predictable, that draws you in. Sounds intriguing? Then book some cheap flights to Ukraine with BudgetAir and immerse yourself in a country that is certainly going places.

About Ukraine

Ukraine is full of gorgeous cities such as Lviv and Odesa, which is on the shores of the Black Sea, accessible mountainous landscapes, and beauty and a semi-tropical climate on the Crimean peninsula. Catch flights to Ukraine for lively nightlife in Kiev or to sample the gentle rolling terrain with wooded plains, known as steppe, and a lone river in the shape of the Dnipro River.

Must see spots in Ukraine

Lviv is worth the Ukraine flights alone as it is arguably the country’s most beautiful city, full of elegant architecture and with an Old Town listed as a World Heritage site. Now is the time to enjoy this fascinating place while it is still in the early stages of tourism. There is the National Museum to enjoy, the Lychakiv Cemetery to wander around, and the Vysoky Zamok (High Castle) for great views.

The Carpathian Mountains are one of the least developed areas in Europe so perfect for getting away from it all. The Carpathian National Natural Park is a great place to start, and home to many wild creatures such as lynx, brown bears, and wolves. The town of Kamyanets-Podilsky has an impressive castle and stands proud amid all this wilderness.

Cheap flights to Ukraine with BudgetAir

For a relative newcomer to independence, flights to Ukraine are already frequent and in demand, making it so much easier for the traveller to pick and choose when to visit. BudgetAir can source the best bargains on cheap flights to Ukraine throughout the year. Use your Ukraine flights to discover new places and experience things you never thought you would. Go on, give it a go today.

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