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An untouched land blessed with traditions and a simplicity that is beguiling is what you will find if you are fortunate enough to get on some flights to Romania soon. The country has fairly recently opened its doors to tourism and it is definitely worth a look. Buy cheap flights to Romania with BudgetAir for the best deals going.

About Romania

The cities are becoming more westernised but it would be criminal to come in on flights to Romania and not explore the countryside, the Carpathian Mountains, and the Danube Delta, teeming with birds, many of which are protected species. Then of course there is Transylvania, a region of Romania famous as the home of Dracula, the infamous vampire.

Must see spots in Romania

For ghoulish expeditions head straight for Transylvania as soon as you disembark from your Romania flights. Gothic castles, unexplained shadows, and peasant villages all add to the atmosphere and you will see Dracula’s face in all its forms in various tourist shops. The medieval town of Brasov is a great place to use as a base.

For a true ‘time stands still’ experience, head for Maramures where horse-drawn carts are the norm and villagers live off the land as they have done for centuries. Charming and other worldly, there is even a Merry Cemetery at Sapanta where humour on the colourful wooden crosses marking the graves brings a smile to an otherwise morbid subject.

Constanta is the main town on the Black Sea while Mamaia, north of there, is where the beach and party action carries on every night during the summer. Water sports, a water park, and ferry trips are available if you can haul yourself off the golden sands.

Cheap flights to Romania with BudgetAir

There are cheap flights to Romania to be had throughout the year from BudgetAir because the country is an all year round destination. Winters can be harsh but that does mean that cities are less crowded for those landing on flights to Romania. Summer temperatures can soar in the cities but travellers on flights Romania bound can cool off along the Black Sea coast.

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