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Quite simply put, Norway has some of the most stunning scenery you will ever come across. From glittering blue-white glaciers to pine-covered forests and awe-inspiring fjords, Norway is a great place to experience the outdoors.

The sheer size of the lakes and mountains that make up a lot of Norway are enough to hold your attention for a long time. Combine all that with colourful coastal towns and some of Europe’s best museums, and you can see why Norway both thrills and excites anyone who visits.

The sights of Norway

Feeling brave? Then head for Svalbard, a cluster of Arctic islands, 400 miles from the mainland of Norway and on a similar latitude to Greenland. This is the kingdom of the polar bears and if you are very lucky, you might get a glimpse of one. It is also one of the best places in the world to witness the Northern Lights.

For a traditional way of life in Norway, and one that has lasted for several centuries, take a trip to Karasjok or Kautokeino still within the Arctic Circle. The nomadic tribe of Norway, called the Sami, still herd reindeer and breed huskies in very harsh conditions.

For the warmer climes of Norway, head south. The city of Bergen in southwest Norway has a charm all of its own, growing steadily from a trading centre of fish to being named European Capital of Culture in 2000. There is plenty to see here from the old wharf area to plenty of museums and information about Edvard Grieg, the most influential composer to come out of Norway.

Norway and its fjords

If you are pining for the fjords, Norway is the place for you. There is no need to go far to find one as Norway possesses hundreds of them. Fjords are long, narrow inlets that stretch deep into the mountains and often their depth can be the same as the height of the cliffs above.

The fjords of Norway were carved by glacial erosion during the last Ice Age, which was between 110,000 and 13,000BC, so quite a long time ago! Nowadays car ferries cross the fjords at many points, a slower but more scenic way of seeing Norway.

The longest and deepest fjord in Norway is the Sognefjorden, extending for 128 miles with five main fjord fingers reaching inland to create natural beauty like you have never experienced before.

In Laerdal is a church that has remained the same since the Middle Ages, dating from 1150. Made of wood, it is richly decorated on the outside and very plain and simple on the inside, with no pews or ornamentation.

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