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It might not be the first country you think of when planning your summer holiday but Germany is surprisingly versatile with gorgeous cities, a countryside that stretches for miles, and a lively coastline battered by both the North and the Baltic Seas. There are also over 30 World Heritage sites in Germany for you to enjoy.

Visitors flock to Germany for the fascinating culture, well-documented history, plus the beer and delicious sausages! Germany is a place that can be visited throughout the year, with ski-ing available as well as beach holidays, hiking through forests, and warming yourself up with Gluhwein on a bitter winter’s night in a city square in Germany.

Bonn might not be the capital of Germany any more - its brief moment of glory coming to an end in 1991 - yet it holds its head high and offers up delights such as Beethoven’s birth place, a serene riverside setting along the Rhine, and many interesting museums.

Cologne is another of Germany’s gems to be admired. Its famous cathedral dominates the skyline with its twin spires, there is a Roman wall to marvel at, and even a museum dedicated to the art of chocolate making.

Sylt is a tiny island off the north coast of Germany that almost brushes up alongside Denmark. Its west coast offers championship windsurfers the opportunity to show off in September during the Surf World Cup, yet the east coast is calm and peaceful with shifting dunes and colourful lighthouses.

Another fascinating retreat is Rugen Island on the northwest coast of Germany with 570km of coast, chalk white cliffs, and historic buildings. It is a place to go to enjoy protected nature reserves and long sandy beaches.

The natural side to Germany

The Black Forest in Germany is so named because of the dark firs and pines that make up the majority of the forest. It is the stuff of fairy tales; the Brothers Grimm based a lot of their atmospheric stories around the place. Baden-Baden is the main town in this part of Germany, a spa town visited by royalty and respected composers.

Two of the great rivers of Germany - the Rhine and the Elbe - wend their way through the countryside, the Rhine winding round the Black Forest and the Elbe flowing north across the northwest of Germany.

The mountainous regions of Germany include the Alps and the Harz Mountains right in the centre of Germany. The Harz do not have the dramatic peaks of the Alps but are great for all year round sporting activities from ski-ing and mountain biking to exploring 1,000 years of mining history at Goslar.

Germany, the fourth biggest country in Europe, is bordered by nine others, including Switzerland and Austria. It also has the third largest economy in the world and offers a great experience to the first time visitor. If you want to discover Germany for yourself, look up flights on BudgetAir for some cheap deals that are sure to keep you smiling all the way to the airport on your way to Germany.

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